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May 15, 2020 · the first player comes. Request completed. the server makes a new backfill request to get more players. the second player comes. etc. Sounds good, but the problem is in rate limit: Rate limit for backfill request for title entity is about 15 times per minute (according to my tests). If I have 20 servers - only 15 of them got new players for a .... The PlayerAdded event fires when a player enters the game. This is used to fire an event when a player joins a game, such as loading the player's saved GlobalDataStore data.. This can be used alongside the Players/PlayerRemoving event, which fires when a player is about to leave the game. For instance, if you would like print a message every time a new player joins or leaves the game:. Example: not a valid member roblox local Touch = workspace: WaitForChild ("ItemShopTouch"): WaitForChild ("Touch")-- since this is a local script, we can get player easily-- with this local player = game. Players. LocalPlayer -- GUI's in StarterGui will cloned into player > PlayerGui-- which is the exact place of UI local JOJO Shop = player. PlayerGui: WaitForChild ("JOJO Shop")-- used to.