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One option may be to upload CMD.exe plus your files you want to execute to Windows Intune (platform specific, "64bit for 64bit, etc"), then use the Command Line Arguments: /c Filename.CMD /s . This should execute your CMD file. I would test out the solution first as well and make sure it's 100% silent and requires no user interaction. Thanks,. 12. 23. · Just wanted to know how to deploy batch file via intune. I have read, it need to be converted to win32 app, but not much resources found on google. Also powershell via intune only runs once on a successful machine, this batch file is for updates, like driver, bios etc so this is something which needs to be applied every week or month. 2019. 3. 30. · From Intune version 1902 it is possible to deploy Office 365 ProPlus wit h a custom XML file . There are many scenarios where it makes sense not to use the default settings that are build in the Intune UI. One of the advantage is that you can use application preferences so that you are helping the end user configure Office ProPlus with out setting it is policy that the end. The primary file, in this case, will be the batch file. Now select Additional Files and include the other files the batch. And convert that to a win32app... deploy that to intune.. When the file (zip win32) is downloaded it has also the askit folder in it . Like i am describing in this blog. Troubleshoot the Intune Win32 app deployment and the.